Can Surgery for Microlithiasis prevent testicular cancer?

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 I wonder if you could kindly help me.  Any assistance would be deeply appreciated.

 I have been experiencing some pain in the left testicle for almost 12 years.

 Since 4 years ago, I had a number of ultrasound exams done.

 All the ultrasound exams showed that I have small hydroceles and epididymal head cysts in both testicles.

 Although I was always experiencing pain in the left testicle…..It’s now the right testicle that’s causing problems.

 I didn’t have any pain in the right testicle…But about 3 years ago, I noticed that the right testicle had become much  larger than the left testicle.

 I was very worried so I rushed to have another ultrasound done.

 However, the results of the ultrasound continued to show the same thing:   small hydroceles and epididymal head cysts in both testicles.

 About a year ago, however, things changed.

 The ultrasound showed that in addition to having small hydroceles, I also have an epididymal head cyst measuring 2 mm with a calcification in the right testicle.

 The pain in the right testicle recently increased, so I had another ultrasound done a week ago.

 The results were mostly the same:  small bilateral hydroceles and bilateral epididymal head cysts measuring 3 mm with a calcification in the right testicle.

 However, the findings also show “Limited testicular microlithiasis” in the right testicle only.

 The doctor told me that there is an increased chance that the microlithiasis can cause testicular cancer.

 I’ve done some research over the internet and I’ve seen material mentioning that there is a relatively high risk of developing testicular cancer if you have microlithiasis.

 The doctor told me that he could perform surgery to remove the microlithiasis in the right testicle.

 However, the material I’ve read over the internet does not mention that surgery should be done for microlithiasis. 

 Instead, all the articles state that a person with microlithiasis should do regular testicular self-exams and annual ultrasounds.

 In my case, self-examination may be difficult since the doctor mentioned that for persons who have hydroceles, it’s more difficult to feel a lump through self-examination.

 I’m 61 years old and I have heart problems so I’m afraid of surgery.

 However, I’m terrified of developing testicular cancer so if surgically removing microlithiasis would prevent me from getting cancer, I would like to have it done.

 I wanted to ask the following questions:

1.               How likely is it that I would get testicular cancer given that I have microlithiasis? 


I’m 61 years old so I’m not in the age group that is most likely to get testicular cancer.


However, the swelling and pain makes me believe that I may have a high chance of getting testicular cancer.


2.               Would surgically removing the microlithiasis remove much of the risk of getting testicular cancer?


Again, the material I’ve read over the internet only recommends regular testicular self-exams and annual ultrasounds, not surgery.


I am really worried and scared so any thoughts, advice, ideas, recommendations you can provide would be deeply appreciated.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and to help me.




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    I think it is time for you to go to a cancer center and talk to an onocologist that specializes in this.  Second opinions are best to get, even thirds. 

    Not something you mess around with at all.

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    Hi John,

    Do you have any follow up to add to your original post?

    Thank you.