Thyroid Cancer Recurrence Symptoms?

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Hello everyone.  Forgive me for asking this but I moved in January, and havent seen an endo since November, and dont have insurance for another month.  So here goes...


I had a total thyroidectomy in 2014 for Papillary Thyroid Cancer.  Took awhile for my TG to come down but 6 months later it become undetectable.  I had 150 mci of Radioactive Iodine following the surgery, and it just showed uptake in my neck.  I had another small dose in 2015 with another whole body scan, that they ended up having to re do a few days later becuase there were some spots in my neck that where glowing.  I have had a few nodes be on watch as my endo called them "angry" and he just wanted to watch and see.  I have had my dose adjusted to 175mg levothyroxine, and my TSH seemed stable at this dose.  


Fast forward to now.  We moved, and over the past month I have been very extremely tired, and nausiated.  Sometimes I will get so queezy I feel like I am about to vomit but nothing comes up.  I had one period of blurry vision with dizzyness that was very scary.  On march 2nd I noticed a hard bump in my neck where my thyroid used to be ( about 1cm) and my voice started to get hoarse.  I am constantly having to clear my throat as it feels like there is mucous in there.  Then the pain started.  It is like a sharp knife like throbbing pain that starts in my thyroid bed area, and hurts into my face, and sometimes along the side of my neck into my ear.  It hurts to turm my head to the right, and sometimes it takes me by suprise and I just grab my neck.  ITs throbbing almost constantly now.   It occasionally hurts into my collar bone area.


So thats it in a nutshell, like I said I dont have insurance until april, and cant see a new endo,  and wondered if this sounded like a reccurrence at all?  Thank you again.


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    I've only had mine removed a

    I've only had mine removed a year ago on June 29, but waited to have RAI until October 2016. Some of what you're saying has happened to me. I too have had had weird symptoms of nausea and tiredness. In the last few weeks the areas below my ears, lymph node area, have been very hard and sometimes painful to turn my head. I also have lump in my left cheek. It's not one you can see from the inside or outside, but can feel it. I too get the feeling of mucus in my throat with the feeling like I have to clear my throat all the time. I guess I just thought that was normal?

    I have an appointment with my endo tomorrow and will go over these things with her. Hopefully I'll get some answers that I can share with you.

    Stay positive!