Possible Rectal Recurrence


My original cancer was Stage lllb rectal - diagnosed in August 2011. Had colectomy with removal of 12" of colon and 20 lymph nodes with 5 positive. Had 6 months FOLFOX regimen. CEA after treatment ran between 0.5-0.8 until March 2015 when it rose to 1.1 - continued to monitor CEA every 3 months but continued to steadily rise until finally in January 2016 I had my first PET/CT. Lymph node at bottom of wind pipe lit up as well as a common iliac node and two para-aortic nodes. Since the one in my chest was most prominent it was removed and biopsied. No cancer found, just granulomas left over from a now inactive histoplasmosis infection. We expected the CEA to go down but it continued to rise and in most recent labs in January of 2017, it had risen to 14. Had another PET/CT and the iliac and para-aortic nodes were more lit up and larger. Was told it was very unlikely that this was also granulomas from the infection because of its distant location. I had a needle biopsy of one of the para-aortic nodes yesterday. Will have results on Wednesday. Has anyone else had a recurrence of rectal cancer this far out and in lymph nodes? If so, what were the treatment options you were given and what was the prognosis?


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    Dear Friend,

    I had rectal cancer in 2013. Unfortunatelly recurrence is possible any time, but less and less chance with more time elapsed. I'm praying that it's just another false alarm and for you to have the strength and patience to wait for the good news.


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    My relapse was pretty fast.

    My relapse was pretty fast.  Recurrence can happen any time but the further out you get, the better off you are.  Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!  It could be so many things.

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    Not good news

    I did not get good news from my biopsy. My colorectal cancer has recurred in one common iliac and two para aortic lymph nodes. My Onc says no surgery because there could be other nodes with cancer that are not yet showing up on scans that they could miss. So just starting Folfiri with Avistan next week. I had a very bad time with chemo first time around (all side effects possible except maybe two). I am not looking forward to going through it again but know I have to. Does anyone have any experience with a lymph node recurrence this far out with no surgery and just chemo?


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    My recurrence is not so far out, but surgery is not considered an option at this time. I was diagnosed in 2015 and had colon resection, 20 lymph nodes removed with 12 positive. 6 months of Folfox, then 1 year NED.  In October they found mets to liver, lymph nodes, pelvic floor, omentum and peritonium. I'm back on chemo - 3 months of Folfiri didn't do much, so now back on Folfox. It's too soon to tell if this is working, but the bleeding from the pelvic tumor has stopped for the first time in 6 months, so I am cautiously hopeful.