2 surgeries in one day, anyone???

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Hey there,

I meet with the surgeon today. We've decided to do the liver abalation ( 2 spots on opposite sides of the liver) and the bowel  resection at the same operative setting.  I believe the liver surgeon will go first then the bowel surgery done robotically.  They anticipate I'll be in the hospital for 4 days post op.  Robotic surgery is supposed to have an easier and quicker recovery time.  Hope so, fingers crossed.

Anyone else been down this road? I'd be interested to hear how your experience was.






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    Not quite the same, but...

    I did have a liver ablation and an appendectomy during the same surgery. 

    The ablation is certainly not as bad a surgery as a liver resection, but the bowel resection is quite the surgery. 

    Be very, very good to yourself post surgery. Do what you are told, and expect to be uncomfortable for a while. 

    Be sure and let us know when you are scheduled, so we can send you all of our best vibes and prayers (if you like prayers). 


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    I think it depends on the

    I think it depends on the patient.  Make sure you have a pain plan in place.  For example, I didn't do well with liquid pain medication but once I took a pill, I felt so much more comfortable.  If you are experiencing great pain, speak up and ask for options.  I had the bowel resection, it was difficult but time passes and life goes on, you just have to take it a day at a time.  I've never had an ablation so I'm not sure how difficult that is.  Dicuss with doctor what to expect post surgery as far as drainage tubes, etc.  I think that getting opened up once is better than getting opened up twice.  Also there is a medication that people suggest presurgery that is said to control the chance of spreading cancer.  Sorry that I don't remember the name of it but I would definitely ask about it.  It's been on many posts on the boards.  Stock up on heating packs for home, those come in handy.  Also I know this sounds funny but really warm socks made a difference in my comfort levels.  My body was going through a difficult time and the soft, warm socks added a level of comfort that I really needed at the time.

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    In Sept 2004 I had multiple things done in 1 surgery. Colon resection, roughly 65% of my liver removed, HAI pump installed, gallbladder removed, some lymph nodes removed. It wasn't that easy for me. I was expected to be in there for 5-7 days but I ran into trouble from the meds slowing down my peristalsis (movement of stuff through my bowels) and I was in much longer. 

    Looking back, I'm glad I had everything done together. I can't stress enough how important it is to walk afterwards. I hope all goes well. 


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    Phil, Thanks for your input.

    Phil, Thanks for your input.  I hope everything goes smoothly for me but you never know, right?   I promise to walk and walk  my surgery will be done robotically so I won't be cut from end to end which I hope will make it easier  That's the plan anyhow...

    If you had your surgery back in '04 and your still doing well that's some kind of great encouragement!!!

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    You're Welcome :-)

    I hope goes smoothly for you as well Pam. Anything can happen but my attitude, even when survival rates were not so great over a decade ago, has always been "Why can't I be part of the survival group?". The way I've always tried to view it has been to try to stay positive, being negative helps no one.

    I love the idea of robotic surgery!