His family hates me!

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I have been here for 2 years, a yr. seeking a diagnoses, 7 Rad/Chemo weeks, and now 6 weeks post, he is way sicker now than he ever was during treatment. His Ex-wife of 8 yrs, took over all medical care, and even went on vacation with him, prior to starting treatment, his adult children have come and thrown me out of his house twice, He does not want to upset the apple cart with his kids and Ex, he asked me to vacate when they come and go, which is rare. They hate me being here, but have not offered to care for him themselves.  Hi son said my Father doesn't need you! love him but this is killing me, I often want to leave, but can't leave him. They have a new trip planned for Hawaii in may, I put myself in this position. Don't know if I can sit back and watch them vacation once again!



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    I fully understand. My fiancee has cancer with no cure. And I know when the time comes, her family will totally disown me and cause so much trouble and heartache. It is not easy, but I have faced the truth and understand where you are coming from. Please stay strong and don't let others ruin who you are and judge you. They are not worth it. Stay strong even though it is not easy