nodule found

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new to all this , had a ct scan and the found numerous broken glass and one nodule that was 7mm by 6mm this cancer


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    Not neccessarily. More

    Not neccessarily. More imaging studies and perhaps a biopsy need to be done to determine that. If serial ct scans show no change in size, then its less likely to be cancer. They found one about that size on my dad 6 years ago they did imaging tests on it every 3 months, and it never changed. They said it was likely scaring from an old infection. So nothing was done, and he has never had trouble out of it.

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    i was looking at dr's note , i guess i have a 7mm x 6 mm in left lower lobe and a 9x8 mm in right middle medial ....have another ct scan on march 30 ...just really nervous. been a smoker for over 40 years but quit in dec