11 down one to go

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Can't believe the end is in sight. I just finished my 11th round of folifox/oxy treatment for Stage 3 colon cancer and looking forward to only one more treatment.  For me, I feel lucky that while my plateletts have been just above 70,000 I have been able to continue with treatments.  I have to say while the treatments totally suck, I was fortunate to be able to continue with my active personal/social/work life  and only found myself on the couch when I had the pump in.  Maybe its the red wine, lol.  Sensitivity to the cold was pretty bad, but other than that just a little fatique right after treatments. I had neuropathy for the first few rounds but then didn't experience it again.  I was declared cancer free after the fourth round, but I guess the protocol is 12 rounds of chemo regardless. 

Hoping sharing my experience will comfort some who are just startign out. 




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    Congrats!!  You should celebrate!!!!

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    Congrats! Just one to go! I

    Congrats! Just one to go! I remember that feeling. I'm happy for you