Broken-Hearted Daughter



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    I hope surgery

    was successful yesterday jennifer. Best wishes to mom.

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    Hi, Jennifer. Sorry to hear

    Hi, Jennifer. Sorry to hear about your mom. I know how hard it is to watch someone you love go through this.  I was just wondering if they tried radiation on her mets in the bone. Also if they offered avastin and there is one other i thought of that  usually helps keep bone mets at bay.  Someone who remembers the name please help me out if you can think of it.  Any indication that those bone mets were there before?  Does mom usually get a full body scan?  When Opdivo is used, sometimes the body reacts with inflammation and the whole scan lights up.  I hope the surgery went well.  Just know we are all here praying for you and the family and mom.  There are plenty on the boards here who went through the ringer, they are still here.  :)  Hugs!  XO  Please take time for yourself when you can. Keep us posted.

    Fox, how are you doing?

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    Jan4you said:

    Donna, I just wanted to send

    Donna, I just wanted to send you a big, warm hug!! God bless you and your mother. Remember, no matter where you are, you can speak to your mother, spirit to spirit! Her spirit is alive and well!

    Warmly, Jan

    Thanx Jan

    I appreciate your input.