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Next month April 24th will be my 4 year anniversary of completing treatment for Stage IVa Head and Neck cancer.

As of today, I'm NED! (no evidence of disease). There are some physiological issues with swallowing that are side effects of the surgery and treatment but all is well. It just means I have to keep on doing the swallowing exercises religiously everyday from here on out. I have side effects as in neck pain and neuropathy in my feet but they're manageable with exercise and meds. 

So... Next appointment with Radiation Oncology for a "scope, poke and prod" is in August and then one more appointment with Medical and Radiation oncology next year and I will be deemed "cured".

Throughout my treatment and recovery, the word "cured" was not used. It's always been NED. To hear the word "cured" is something I cannot put into words. I have a year to go but I'm, optimistic.

Positive thoughts and prayers




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    4 year NED

    Congratulations T


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    Good News


    So glad you keep on keeping on. Rob has been discharged by Radiolist, he will continue to see ENT now every 6 months. He suffers from neck spasms, which they have offered botox for but he says no to it right now. He also suffer from myoclonus which is worse when he comes home from work. He is on seizure meds to help. Leave it to him to get one of the rarest long term side effects from his Chemo. It is like 0.4% chance and he got it. 

    He is bummed about not having the stamina he had before this but is glad to be alive. Our daughter married over the summer and was extatic to walk her down that isle. Can't wait to bbe a granpa but she has 1 more year of nursing school before she will think about it. 

    I love hearing good news from the goup that started around our time also. 



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    Wonderful news!

    Congratulations! Very happy for you!

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    Congradulation!!!!!  I am looking foreward to those days!

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    Just starting the journey I

    Just starting the journey I love to hear this news. 

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    Just starting the journey I

    Just starting the journey I love to hear this news. 


    Excellent news!


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    God bless modern medicine!

    God bless modern medicine!

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    Wonderful news!!

    Wonderful news!!

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    CivilMatt said:

    4 year NED

    Congratulations T


    Wonderful news!  And so good

    Wonderful news!  And so good to hear that word "cure"!  Keep up the good fight and savor every moment.

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    I hope you live a long and healthy life from this point forward.

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    Congratulations, after 5 years, 4 months, I'm still afraid to use the word "cured". We have all faced the demon and survived

    Hope you are still singing and playing!!

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    Outstanding "T"

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and strumming that Guitar.

    My Best to You and Everyone Here

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    Congats and I wish you (and all of us) a long life and the best going forward.

    I have a good friend that had throat cancer 18 years ago. He still doesn't use the term "cured". He always says "cancer free" as in "18 years cancer free". Told me he just can't bring himself to say "cured".

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    5 years NED

    Congrats on your NED!  I just got my 5 years yesterday!


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    yo T


    So glad to hear the good report, they keep coming in on time and using the right TLA, NED! Spring coming, enjoy the gigs in the hills. someday i'll be sitting in.

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    Good on you, mate.

    Good on you, mate.

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    So happy for you!

    I know you don't know me, but your story has been very inspiring for me.  My husband is a fellow musician and is just starting this journey.  I know everyone is different, but reading about your journey and knowing that you are playing and singing again gives us a lot of hope for the future.  Congratulations on 4 years NED!