dreaming of my dad who passed away from cancer

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I keep having dreams about my dad who died from cancer 4 years ago,  also in my dreams it's always in a house where he lived years ago and don't know why but my old bedroom keeps coming into the dream but it's full of spirits,  may sound far fetched but has anyone had any dreams like this? 


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    dreaming of my dad who passed away from cancer

    Your post made me smile. I lost my amazing step-father to liver cancer, and now my bio dad has lung cancer. I had a few amazing dreams after my step-father passed away. These are good dreams, I think. Does it take you back to a happy place? Happy memories? It's possible that he just wants to let you know that he's okay. If the dreams are good, and the overall feeling is positive, enjoy them as long as they come to you. Acknowledge your father in your waking life. Talk to him. If you are going through any stress at the moment, it's also possible he wants you to know that things will work out, and to remind you that he is always with you.