Still Good News on Reoccurrence of UPSC

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Hi Ladies:

   I still have good news regarding the reoccurrence of my cancer from October. MY CA level is now at 65 down from 134 back in October and November.  I also had an ultrasound the very end of January and that was much improved over what it was in October so for now I still do not need to have chemo.  I am taking it one month at a time as if my level rises I will need chemo, but for now I am enjoying life and taking it one day and one week at a time.  I am hoping I will not need chemo at all, but only time will tell.  My oncologist mentioned some of the women do not need chemo as it just gradually disappears and that is what I am hoping for me that my CA level just continues to go downwards and that I won't need chemo.

  However, if my CA level rises and I do need to have chemo, I am prepared for it and will go through with the treatments.  

  I am hoping for the best outcome with this and just continue to hope that my blood level will continue to go downwards.


a/k/a Jane


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    Jane so good to hear from you

    That is great news and we'll be hoping right along with you that your CA level continues in the right direction and no chemo needed!  Keep enjoying those precious days!!!  (((HUGS)))

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    Hope all continues

    Hope all continues to go well for you!

  • Lou Ann M
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    Good news

    I hope those numbers keep dropping.  Keep up the great attitude.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    I am glad to hear this- I went through it in June and know how terrible it feels to get that news.  I pray you will continue to do well


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    Good to hear from you, Jane.

    Good to hear from you, Jane.  Take care and I hope it continues to be 'quiet'.

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    Good news, Jane.

    That's wonderful that the number is dropping and your ultrasound shows improvement.  Sounds like everything is headed in the right direction!

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    Good news! I so hope it

    Good news! I so hope it continues.

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    Love good news

    keep it up, Jane

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    So glad to hear this good

    So glad to hear this good news, Jane. Keep us posted and best wishes for continued improvement! Kim

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    I was just thinking of you!

    Hi Jane:

    Glad to hear your good news.   Continued prayers for you.


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    Wonderful news Jane. Thanks

    Wonderful news Jane. Thanks for letting us know so that we can continue to celebrate with you.

    Love and Hugs,