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I have endometrial cancer for a year.Right away, the doctors said that it is a stage 4 because it is metastasized on the peritoneum.

After chemotherapy( 6 rounds cisplatine /doxoburine/endoxan), the surgeon tried to operate me but too difficult. Carcinose péritonéal is in my diaphragm and intestin.

Currently I still have chemotherapy, carbo/taxol.

I did 3 times this chemotherapy and Friday I passed a scan to see if it is good. I have my appointment with the oncologist on March 6 for the result. I am very afraid.

I have read that chemo is not very effective for endometrial adenocarcinoma.

What are the other options?I would like to discuss with women who have peritoneal carcinosis following endometrial cancer.

I thank you for the help you can give me. I have two children I am 40 years old and I do not want to die now.I need to know.

Thank you very much, courage to all.

( scuse for my english but i am french)



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    en haut

    en haut

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    one step at a time

    hi Sandrine 
    I am so sorry you have to go through this. My mum had a similar situation as yours so rest assured you are not alone.

    For what I know the chemotherapy will help you reduce the cancer and/ or contain it. I think the doctors would want to see how you respond to treatment before deciding on what to do next. If the treatment works, they will want to try to redcue it so they can operate. If not, they will probably try another chemo that responds.

    There are lots and lots of treatments they can try.

    I can only imagine how stressed you must feel. My advice to you is to take deep breath and take one step at a time. Don't let your thoughts spiral out of control. Cancer does that to you, but you have to stop. Breath. And face the problem little by little.

    Also, if you can talk to few doctors and get a couple of different opinions. Find out which is the best clinic in France for peritoneal cancer and make an appointment.

    Best of luck. You are in throughts and prayers.