Stage 2 colon cancer- should I take xeloda?



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    Thanks guys.  Cancer is

    Thanks guys.  Cancer is comparable to a colloquial saying..."it is not an easy row to hoe."  This has been a tough decision for me, but surprisingly I have no regrets.  In fact, every time my mind wanders back to "it" I use that moment to remind myself to LIVE in the moment - to be happy and thankful for where I am.  That thought association is responsible for my mood elevating and my outlook to be more positive.

    Right now I am concentrating on physically recovering from the chemo.  I am almost 15 pounds below my normal weight.  This ileostomy is preventing me from enjoying an inclusive diet but it is temporary and that is another thing that I have learned about CRC - it is a protracted fight, measured in months and years.

    My goal is to once again enjoy the warm sunshine while tending to my garden; to feel the tug of a fish on my line; to hold my granddaughter and share all that I know with her so she doesn't have to make the same mistakes that i have made in life; to smell fresh cut hay; to float in the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico; to plant flowers and watch them bloom; to be a good neighbor and a good citizen; and to never forget that there is someone carrying a burden greater than mine.  I have time remaining to do all of that plus so much more.




    how are you doing? Iam confused was your tumor in colon or rectum?