my rude inlaws

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It has been five long hard years since I had my first operation, I was born with Gardner's Disease and had stage 4 colon cancer in 2010. Every time my in-laws get a bug up their **** my wife and I get nasty emails or Facebook messages. I have been told I should die a slow painful death from cancer, quit fighting and my wife should drive off a bridge. Now the sad thing is the rude person telling us this works for the city of Kenosha as a case worker. Three times in 5 years she has done this. It burns me every time I think of it or I see a commercial about cancer.I have Quite a few desmoid tumors in my belly and Gardner's disease has no cure or treatments. A case worker should not be sending a two time cancer survivor these kinds of messages


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    Via Facebook?

    First move, unfriend whoever posts anything that even smacks of rudeness. I don't care if they are your in-laws, could be the Queen of England for all you should care; they don't belong on your Facebook page. 

    And the case worker needs to be reported. 

    Other than that, try to (and this is a hard one) totally ignore any and all rude or ignorant posts, emails, telephone calls or conversations. Jut tell yourself that these people are NOT worth your time or breath. They aren't! Think about it! What sane person tells someone with Cancer to die a slow and painful death? They aren't worth the time you give them. 

    Don't relatiate. Don't reply. Just plain and simply ignore them. 

    Welcome to the forum.


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    Oh my goodness

    I'm sorry but this is totally rude.  Please don't even look at their posts, it's not worth the heartache or frustration.  If for some reason you do see it, I'd respond that you don't care to hear from them anymore if they can't be more uplifting.  You are dealing with enough and don't need this aggrevation.  I'm sorry for your situation, but they sound like very bitter people that need to tear others down.  Wishing you the best.


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    That's either mental illness

    That's either mental illness and in this country, no one deals with it or habits learned in childhood.  Two roads with this one, address it straight out and see if you can get it to stopor walk away.  I chose walk away and I have to tell you the freedom that comes with walking away is worth it.  It's difficult at first but anyone who would use your cancer as an emotional weapon is not worthy of staying in your life.

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    if you have a smart phone, add all their telephone numbers to the "block number" iist.   And as others have said, block them on social media.   Also, block them from any social events at your home.   If someone were to question it just say they are no longer welcome in your lives.   Offer no explanation.  Life is difficult as it is, no need to deal with idiots.


    Take care - Tina

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    She is crazy

    Sorry, but that woman is ILL. Disconnect with her asap.



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    crazy selfish in law person

    Very sad. I have had some people say the most offensive things to me. I couldnt beleive it, certainly took me back a little. I had to void several people out of my life. People that were at one time very close. They couldnt undertand why I changed so much, basicallly they were users and selfish. You will not have time for people like that. You will have enough to keep yourself on the right track than to keep their baggage too.