Secondary Cancer?


Completed 6 cycles ABVD treatment (no rad) for the Lymphocyte rich version of CHL (stage III) about 8 weeks ago.  Just received the results of the follow-on CT & PET scans the other day; good news is that previous sites of cancer appear resolved however, what's new is now I seem to have some enlarged lymph nodes in my lungs and shortness of breath started about half way through treatment. I haven't been able to take a full breath without coughing and just walking 50/60 feet has been a challenge for the last couple of months. My Onoc said it could be from the treatment (pulmonary fibrosis), a lung nfection, or I might have a secondary lung cancer.  Been on Zithromax, prednisone, along with Spiriva & Albuterol inhaler for 1.5 wks so far with very little mprovement. Will decide if another PET/CT and biopsy is needed after another week.  How common is it to develop a lung cancer so soon after completing chemo? Or is this more likely to be fibrosis? Going through ABVD treatment was taxing enough. I'm not looking forward to more treatments!



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    Can relate


    I had severe shortness of breath throughout most of my six months on abvd.

    I also developed fibrosis after ending treatment.  Bleomycin causes lung toxicity in about 15% of all users, and fibrosis in about 2% of all users. It is not certain that the Bleo caused mine; my pulmonologist actually thinks severe reflux was the cause.

    It seems virtually impossible that cancer could have emerged in your lungs that fast. But I would make them be aggressive in figuring  it out.


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    shortness of breath

    When the Dr.s started my tests to see if the mass in my abdomen they also noticed a lot of fluid by my right lung. I had been having some trouble breathing but my primary felt it was related to my thyroid being off, again. Turned out I had pluerisy because of the lymphoma. The lymph system is what drains the fluid in the plueral sac. I will say that after the second Rchop the build up of fluid had gone down, a lot. 

    I am hoping that whatever is causing the breathing issues is simpler than another cancer. 


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    follow up

    visit with your oncologist or your primary for starters.

    Have you had any bloodwork, titers, tests for flu, legionella, other disorders ?

    If you need a biopsy who will be doing it ? radiology ? chest surgeon ? pulmonologist ?