Squamous cel cancer of nasal septum

I have had a scab on my septum that bleeds when removed for about five years. I never mentioned to my family physician till yesterday and he immediately referred me to an ENT,(soonest appt. April 23.17) and suggested it may be cancer without furthur discussion. I will be 91 female in April, very healthy but very overweight so the doctor did say that I was "a very healthy ninety" at present. I am unable to discuss this with any of my seven living children for several reasons. I lost my beloved husband in November of 2015. I have "researched" this type of cancer for three days now and cannot find specific information regarding this cancer. Perhaps someone has had to deal with my specific quandry and could offer some support on the issue. I had basal cell carcinoma in situ removed from a tiny lesion from the outside of a nostril on the right side about ten years ago. Thank you in advance.


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    Nasopharyngeal Cancer


    I had a tumor in my nasal passage.  It was a SSC. They called it nasophargeal cancer.  By the time it was found it was Stage III cancer.  I'm six years cancer free And very blessed.

    You should let your family know what's going on as it's only fair to them and you will need their support.

    If you have question, please feel free to ask.



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    Welcome to the H&N forum, sorry that you are here, BUT you have only a suggestion it is cancer and it has not been confirmed.  Chances are you will need a biopsy to say nay or yeah.

    You do not have to discuss with anyone until you know the truth.  If the event happens in which you need treatment your very healthy ninety may have a difficult time hiding the facts (that is regardless of treatment or no treatment).

    Following your description of existing life condition, I would just wait to say anything.  If the seven living children are to be informed I would hope they would act accordingly and shower you with the love and respect you deserve.

    I was a healthy 55 and it was hard.