Story of HOPE for Esophageal and Stomach junction cancer

I wanted to write a story of Hope, courage and fight.  On January of 2010, our world was shattered when we learned that my dad of 58 year old was diagnosed with Gastric Esophageal junction Stage III cancer.  First few days were that of helplessness, anguish, anger, sadness, and anxiety.  It came from nowhere, but looking back, my dad was showing few signs of tiredness few years earlier.  We however decided to fight back.  My family and I gather as much information as we could about the cancer.  We read stories of hope and survivor.  We told my dad about the stories of people who had survived this cancer.  We got refereed to the oncologist, radiologist.  We also were making sure that treatment is taking place as quickly as possible.  First thing we had my dad do was cut down on any sugar.  Then we had drink wheatgrass juice, eat veggies and fruit regularly.  We searched which treatment was the best effective.  The treatment we came across for this cancer was, chemotherapy first, then surgery and then chemotheraph.  My dad recieved his first chemotherapy treatment.  During this time we also provided him with supplemental natural treatment and juices.  Please search online as to which juice are good as there is nothing to lose.  We also had him eat COTTAGE CHEESE AND FLAX SEED OIL MIX.  It is called BUDWIG DIET.  Please search for it.  We think along with his chemotherapy this diet worked miracle for him.  After his first chemotherapy his tumor got really small.  My dad had surgery in May of 2010 and followed by Chemotherapy again.  Year of chemotherapies and surgery made him so weak.  We however were always positive with him.  We continued to tell him that he was going to get better.  We never told him how panic we were behind the seen.  That is the key.  Positivity and Hope gives people courage to fight and somehow helps them physically I think.  More than us he was the bravest as he fought the toughest battle and won.  We took many trips and always made sure he was relax and happy.  He did have some good days and some really bad days.  Next year he was cancer free, however in Dec 2011 we got news that they saw some nodule in his brain and lungs.  Again however, we were extremely positive with him.  We told him he can beat this too.  He had lung surgery and then gamma knife on his brain nodule.  Budwig diet continued during this phase too.  He was also taking Promongrante juice and pills form POMX.  I am not trying to advertise anything on this forum.  I just wanted to provide information on what worked for us.  In 2012 again he had to go through a surgery.  I remeber doctor saying that Gastric cancer is tought to beat, but we were already in the second year even with the brain nodule.  We kept going on trips.  We made sure he was eating limited sugar and eating healthy.  He also tried yoga and some physical activity.  His small grandaugheter are his life.  He lived for them.  I think person also needs something or something to live for.  Should be really passionate about it.  From 2013 to 2016 his CT scan and MRI came clear.  We were so gratefull.  During all this time we prayed a lot too.  Praying does work.  You just have to pray and ask for life and believe it.  He kept fighting.   He didn't have chemotherapy since 2012.  He has gone through five gamma knife, for which his doctors are in awe of.  Recently they have found some nodule again in his brain, but again we are sure he will beat them.  We are going to be positive, make sure he is getting required treatment, make sure he eats budwig diet, turmeric pills, pomongranate pills and pray a lot.  If you are someone whos love won is fighting please don't give up hope.  You have to be strong so that they can fight.  Be positive around them.  Helped them as much as you can.  It can take toll on you too, so please take care of yourself.  There is lots of information out there.  Complete the treatment but also try natual therapies.  Please please give them hope and Pray.  It works.  Please read about BUDWIG DIET. 


God Bless