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I am heartbroken.  My father went through nasal cancer in 2013. I became a member of this site to get advice, tips, ideas on how to help my father through all of this. 

My dad recently was found to have a tumor on his forehead that went through to the other side of skull (no brain or organ involvement). After the biopsy, they did a pet scan and diagnosed my dad with multiple myeloma. 

Areas that have affected my dad; front skull, back skull, wrists, right arm, left hip, and one vertebrae. We do not know the exact extent of damage, but the doc thinks that this is highly treatable with chemo pills and shots. My dad cannot more than likely do a stem cell transplant...

I'm just so scared for him. I hate seeing ppl suffer. I've tried to read up on myeloma online, but there's so much conflicted information.

I've read through some of this board and will continue, but can anyone provide some positive feedback or information to help me understand what my dad is gonna go through. I know everyone is different.  He is 68 and pretty active. 

I appreciate any feedback or help. I love my dad so much and want to help any way I can! 




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    So sorry that your family and dad especially has to go through this. I hope you will find help and comfort through this. I am praying for you all.

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    so sorry to hear, my father

    so sorry to hear, my father inlaw was just diagnost with iha myeloma, we will see soon how far along he is, he is 60 so we share the same concern, sorry to hear about your father

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    sorry to hear about you and

    sorry to hear about you and your dad. I hope everything is doing okay now. Dont give up and do what you like to do. :) 

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    Wife living with multiple myeloma

    My wife is 67, and has been living with multiple myeloma for 5 years. It was diagnosed late and was aggressive, and damaged her back, but the treatments, including one stem cell transplant, have put her in remission. 

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    My wife aged 44 having

    My wife aged 44 having multiple myeloma and undergone autologous stemcell transplantation on 09.03.2021. Now she puts weight of 81 kgs and suffering from back pain .  Kindly guide her to get rid of it.

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    I was dx 5 years ago with MM. I have had a SCT ( stem cell transplant in 2016) and it help keep my count low with maintenance chemo for almost five years. I had to start a new chemo for me 8 months ago and it is working but took alit more out of me. I am getting my counts back down and will have to do another SCT soon or hoping for the newer Car T treatment.

    I was told by a nurse once for ever day you stay in bed that adds two days into your recovery so I don’t sit still. I started walking a year ago over our local bridge and along the beach I have lost 50 lbs with helped so much with my bone pain. And the more I move the less pain I feel. And it helps with my mental state also.

    I take it one day at a time and try not to thing to far ahead. I have 7 kids and want to see all of them graduate. I also have joined many Facebook support groups that I have meet many friend on and lost if support.

    best of luck to you.