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My husband is a tonsil cancer survivor.  His diagnosis was in 2005 and has been cancer free since his 05-06 treatment.  But the last several years he has had complications from the treatment (swalling, speech, dental issues).  He had to have two molar pulled 4 weeks ago and he was told he was at risk for osteonecrosis.  But surgery was routine and surgeon wasn't worried with what he saw.   4 weeks post surgery the surgeon said he is not healig how he would like to see him heal.  Follow up will be again in 2.5 weeks and some meds prescribed (not clear what those are).

My husband had 60 hyperbaric dives in 2016.  The surgeon doesn't think any more is useful.

We are nervous and don't feel like we have a lot of info.  We are scared.  I welcome advice? Encouragement that slow healing can still be okay?  I just don't know what to do...


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    My dad has nasal cancer and

    My dad has nasal cancer and battles with swallowing and speech now. I never knew how common it was for them to get thrush or yeast in the throat. My dad's oncologist got him in with his ENT doctor. They are going to do a swallow test and said it's possible he's still inflamed from radiation. I really hope he finds something to soothe his throat. Him and your husband.  I am not sure about healing part, but I'll pay for your husband and send positive vibes your way. Maybe ENT would be an idea?