Anyone Tried A Keto Diet?

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Hi all, I'm 1 year into my diagnosis (as of later this month).  I have grade 3c low grade serous carcinoma of the ovary.  Slow growing, chemo ineffective.  

I'm wondering if anyone here has tried a ketosis diet?  I've heard it's a good cancer diet as it starves the cancer of the carbs it needs to grow.  Any successes? Any find it completely useless?

Thank you!


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    Ketogenic Diet

    I know a number of women who are on this diet.  I don't know if any are low grade.  My naturopath almost universally recommends it for her ovarian cancer patients.  Do you have any other health issues, like diabetes, insulin resistance?  This also helps with those, which contribute to cancer.  Whether you decide to try it, or not, a lower carb, higher fat diet like Paleo, with a lot of vegetables and a moderate amount of animal protein is always a good choice.