PBS special on Immunotherapy

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Just a shout out about a special I saw tonight on PBS.   Melinda Welsh who had head and neck cancer and was told she would die within a year.

She is on treatment in Ca. (UC Davis I think) genetic material pIL-12  electroporation and it has pretty much eradicated the tumors and she is in remission!

Her Doctor is Alain Algazi.  

This sounds very hopeful for many with recurrance and inoperable tumors.  

She is a writer and has a webpage: melindawelsh.com.




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    Thanks Patti...

    I'm going to check out her web site. I wonder if she was in a clinical?


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    It looks like she's in a

    It looks like she's in a trial or just being treated experimentally. They're using a secondary agent combined with electric shock to make her respond more effectively to Keytruda. That seems to be the cutting edge right now--finding ways to raise the (otherwise low) response rate of the anti-PD-1 checkpoint drugs, Keytruda and Opdivo. That's what the epadcadostat second agent does in my trial.