Dad's results

I left work early today so I could go with dad and mom to dad's appointment with the oncologist.

He said my dad has multiple myeloma, which is a cancer of the bone. Bones affected are; front skull, back skull, one vertebrae, sternum, left hip, right arm, and his wrists. 

The doctor was very optimistic and seems to think this is highly treatable.  Is anyone familiar with this?  It's scary, but could have been worse news... I hate cancer.

They did not stage it... I don't know if they will be. He is going to go to the James at OSU to get another opinion and treatment options. Doc seems to think he can take a chemo pill daily and chemo shot once a week. He may have to have some radiation depending.

So meanwhile... He had to take a time test and blood work to check levels. 

I appreciate everyone keeping him in your prayers to continue doing so.

I've been googling things online and it's not the best thing I could be doing.


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    You are in our prayers..

    You are in out prayers..

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    I wonder if there is a forum for

    multiple myeloma, like there is for this??  That would be more beneficial than googling and translating what you're least in terms of what the real poop is on the disease, and of course all the little tips and tricks of getting through it.

    Prayers for your dad.....and you!!!


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    Thank you and good idea

    Thank you and good idea phrannie! I'll check into it!

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    Prayers for your Dad

    Rest assured, your Dad is going for his second opinion, to one of the top cancer centers in the United States, maybe the world. The James is a remarkable, hi-tech hospital. I can't praise the Drs, nurses,staff enough. It is a remarable place. Best wishes, prayers for your family

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    Thank you! He goes Monday for

    Thank you! He goes Monday for a biopsy of marrow in the hip at James.  He also went to an ent about his mucous issues. It is so hard to watch good people suffer. :(

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    Sorry to hear your Dad has to deal with it again but I like hearing that it is highly treatable. Keep your head up and stay positive Dad will have bad days and may not shopw it and having you by his side in those moments goes a very long way.


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    There is a specific

    There is a specific discussion board for multiple myeloma on this site. 

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    As always, thanks Jeff. I

    As always, thanks Jeff. I just hate this for him. He goes for a biopsy of bone marrow on Monday. Thinking positive.

    There is a specific board but I can't get a response and my dad previously had sinus cancer so I checked here Tonta.