Lumps and bumps along scar line...

I have a couple pretty good lumps/bumps right under the scar from my neck dissection. I had a scan in December in whih they felt it was radiation damage because the uptake was so diffuse.  They also stated that the only way to know for absolute sure would be a PET scan. My oncologist decided that a PET wasn't needed because the scan reader really felt this all was benign. Tuesday my ENT felt them and did an ultrasound...he said he didn't see anything alarming....but instead of setting my next appointment out 4 mounths, he set it out 2 months. I swear since the ultrasound my neck is stiffer than before I saw the ENT....more pins and needles too. 

Anyone else with lumps ano bumps under the scar?  How fast does fibrosis set in?  My neck has been slightly stiff until last I swear it's worse. Ultrasound is awfully non invasive. 


PS...I haven't been neurotic for a long time...I packed up the ceiling fan, and put it away a long time ago...LOL


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    It's always good to be on top

    It's always good to be on top of things. It seems they are being proactive. Hopefully, like they said nothing! Prayers!

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    lumps and bumps


    First off, how is Lola and do you climb up on the fan alone or take her with you?

    It is always good to hear your team is proactive, you will be ok.


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    Hi Phrannie,

    I have lumps and bumps along my neck scar.  Lately having neck spasms/cramps in the front of my throat.  Quite painful and scary but ENT says they can occur anytime after rads and can also go away spontaneousl.  Hoping for a spontaneous cure!  

    Hope to get out to Montana this summer,


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    I had 2 neck dissections. I

    I had 2 neck dissections. I've got lumps, bumps, wrinkles, sags, swelling, you name it. If there was cancer there I wouldn't even know it. At a point where I just don't worry anymore.

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    lumps & bumps

    I had my first neck dissection in 2007 and chemo/rads afterward.  The 2nd - other side (and maybe more on the first side) was in 2014.

    my lumps & bumps are getting worse - slowly- on the first side.  What once was a hardly noticeably scar - is not red and yucky (in my opinion). On my third ENT - and he is watching them because some spots are painful to the touch.  Probably a bundle of nerves (I have the same on the forearm flap from 2014 - cannot touch one spot.  I go back again after 3 months - and if there is no change - we'll move spread the appoints out to 6 months.


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    Thank you for your answers.  PJ, I'm sorry yours have moved into the cramping phase....I can feel parts of my neck getting right to the verge, and then when a foot cramp will just get to the edge of turning into a full fledged charlie horse and then subside. Hope you get up here when the weather gets better (this 3 feet of snow on the ground is getting old!!). necklaces get hung up on the bumps....the scar hasn't turned pink....but the lumps makes my neck looked deformed. One feels bruised when I probe it.... 

    I think there's a good chance that bundles of nerves are trapped in scar tissue, some days the pins and needles are so wild...from my shoulder to my ear, and even into my jaw....other days, I'm not dizzy per se, but I'm sure as hell off the beam balance wise.

    I always feel better when I know I'm not the only one!  And as per usual, y'all came through for me....thanks every body.


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    I had 2 neck dissections. I

    I had 2 neck dissections. I've got lumps, bumps, wrinkles, sags, swelling, you name it. If there was cancer there I wouldn't even know it. At a point where I just don't worry anymore. have run the gammit

    of treatments, and you basically, you just got here.  You've been sliced, diced, spiced and cook.  I truly pray that you are over and done with all this stuff....Hope you're starting to feel a bit like your old self.


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    I have bump too, scares me

    I have a bump too, and I did not have a neck dissection. It scared me for a while when I first noticed it. It's also assymterical (on the left but not on the right). Size of a pea. I still don't know what it is and I'll check with my ENT next week when I meet him up.

    Funny thing though nothing showed up on the scans 2 weeks ago (which was NED). So it's either too small, or it's nothing. I'm hoping it's the latter! 

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    It sure seems like these symptoms can show up at any time after radiation. I'm 10 months out and getting cramps and pain in my muscles down my neck too. But since they have cleared me multiple times I am just going to chalk it up to being cooked and hopefully it gets better with time. Wish we weren't all going through this stuff but it is really nice to have found you guys and hear that I'm not alone