5.3 mass on RT ovary..CA125 40 & OVA1 6 No idea what I am looking at....

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Okay...I have been having OVCA symptons for over 4 years and the last year has been pretty intense.  I have been to 4 specialist and spoke to my OB-Gyn on numerous occassions about my concerns.  I have been referred to psych to help with anxiety instead.  FINALLY, I went to a new OB last week, told her my usual symptons and she immediatley took me back for a vaginal ultrasound and found a 5.3 mass on my right ovary.  She did a CA125 test and it came back at 40.  She followed with an OVA1 test Friday and it came back today (I saw it, but doctor hasnt confirmed yet) of a 6.  Doctor is to call me tomorrow morning with results.  

I have a 5 and 2 year old little boy and a husband I want to grow old with and I am just flipping out over here.  I want to be proactive and get moving on this ASAP.  I know we are looking at having it removed, but what do the numbers mean?  I want it out now.  I can't chance this being in me 1 second longer.  

Here are symptons I am experiencing:

EXTREME ovarian pain on the right side.  

Leg pain going down the right leg into the calf and foot that aches tremendously

Extreme back/flank pain for 3 months straight...very similar to that pain associated with kidney stones

occassional nausea

stomach sweeling on occassion where I can't lay on my stomach (I'm 5"3 and 135 lbs)

occassional loss of bowels (7 times precisely in 5 years)

Will eat anything, but last year I only can eat small amounts and get hungry, very disinterested in food.  Nothing sounds good, I am fine eating bread....

Kidneys feel like they are shriveled.


EXTREME Mood swings

Been very regular on my period and the last 4 months I have been spotting in between periods and after sex.

Slightly dizzy on occassion

Slower to put words together when talking

Loses train of thought often


Leg pain, joint pain

Previous clomid and letrozale user (Clomid 2x in 2010 and letrozale 1 time in 2010)

Urine shows protein in it every day

Urine is concentrated


Diarrhea On and off for about 10 months

Constant sore throat

extreme dry skin

Thought to have had food poisoning twice in the last 3 months...but now don't think it was.