65F w/ASSO looking for alternatives to Chemo

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I am a 65 year old women, currently with ASSO(adenosarcoma w/sarcomatous overgrowth).

I had a hysterectomy in the February of 2016 after tumors were discovered in my uterus.

In October of 2016 several new nodules were discovered in my abdomen. They decided against biopsying the cyst in fear of puncturing them and spreading the sarcoma.


My Oncologist at this point was fairly certain the nodules were sarcoma and suggested I started chemotherapy. I opted to have tumors surgically removed instead and then to get scanned shortly after surgery to see if there was a recurrence.


I had surgery in December(biopsy of the tumors showed it was all sarcoma and was progesterone sensitive)  and had a CT scan in January of 2017, which showed a new growth in my pelvis. My oncologist again suggested Chemo and radiation.


My concern is that chemo has limited success against sarcoma and the intensity of the chemotherapy I would have to undergo would severely impair my quality of life. I also sought out a Gynecologic oncologist in hopes that hormone treatment(letrozone or Megace) would be at least a palliative treatment. She told me given how quickly things were spreading and the potential side effects of hormone treatment that she would suggest I go ahead with the chemo.


I am currently on an alkaline diet, drinking plenty of green vegetable juice. I am currently seeking alternative systemic treatments and wanted to get the thoughts of the community.


I thank you in advance for all your help




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    Hi Lynn

    My husband has pleomorphic sarcoma. Chemo isn't even an option. I do not know much about ASSO. If chemo is an option, are the percentages of knocking it out high? Medium high? My understanding is that with my husband's sarcoma chemo would decrease quality of life with no benefit.  I think he wishes it was an option. He would take it. But it is a personal choice. I wish you the best with your journey in finding the answers. Wish I could be of some help.