Got Booted (Well sorta)

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I've been booted out of places before rudly and politely but it never felt so good as it did Thursday. I went for my yearly check up with my surgeon and he told me again I was cured and because it is 7 years there is no need to come back anymore unless of coarse something developes.

For those fighting or in the recovery mode hang in there it does get better, may never be the same as before cancer but the grass is a much prettier col;or on the sunny side.

May you all get the boot as I dd. I'm not ussually one to set good examples but sometimes we have to break from the norm.

Enjoy the day....................I do every one of them


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    Best news ever!  Thank God.

    Best news ever!  Thank God.  So glad to hear this.  

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    Congrats on the boot.  I asked my surgeon the other day if I would ever get the boot, and was told, NO.  Between him and the Rad Onc doctor, I am still on once a year with each 6 months apart.  I guess it can be a good thing "just in case" they will spot it sooner if it does come back.

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    Good for You!

    Excellent news!  My treatments ended March 21, 2016, so I'm less than a year out, but so far so good. I've had a clean bill of health so far and hope to keep it that way!

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    Excellent News

    Funny how it is enjoyable to get the boot at certain places.  Congrats on not having to go back for a checkup ever again.  My doc says every 7 years he can order a PET scan but not before unless something pops up.  But at least my appt's have gotten down to 1 per year instead of 2.  Maybe with good behavior I too can get the boot in a few years.


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    So fine

    Please check back in, now & again~~~I followed you beacuse of the epoglottis thing, and because you're funny~~~I'm working on 6 years, not sure I want to be booted by Dr Carrau, he's so cute!

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    Winter Boot


    This is good to hear.  I hope you do not plan on getting booted out of here?

    Now, you still need to stay in touch with your mental provider, don’t you?  Somethings just do not get cured within a fixed timeline.  For those who don’t know you, it is kind of a happy mental state (nothing bad).

    Enjoying my day.


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    Grandma and Matt, I could never stay away from this site too long. Its the only I have come to love and cheerish people I have never met. My problem is my personal life suffers because of my job (but I deny that when my wife states it). When our Secretary Treasurer past away from cancer I volunteered to take UPS and those guys keep me jumping. I did tell another Business Agent to shoot me in the head if I ever volunteer for anything again. Truthfully with losing a Secretary and the Secretary Treasurer of our local both to cancer three months apart I tried to avoid cancer as much as possible because it seemed to occupy ever page I turned to and every corner I rounded. But I came to realize you can’t hide from it, it’s always there and if you let it control your life it wins. I am living proof that an unstable person can scare cancer out of one self.

    Matt I plan to stay in this mental state for the rest of my life.(No cure) May be the thing that caused cancer to say Lets get the hell outa here. No matter how much pain your in or how scared someone is of the treatment they are going through you have to smile and try to laugh. It helped get me through it. I promise to try and visit more often. Hell I did twice today already.

    If I made someone smile, picked someone's spirit up just a little or gave someone hope, I did good today. I will go back to my corner now.



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    The Club We Like Getting Booted From

    No you haven't started a fight at the bar or spilled your beer on one of the doormen - this particular club is one that we love to get booted from. Congratulations Duggie!

    I have just had my (hopefully) last scan and am awaiting results in the next week or so. If its all clear then I will be joining you in being politely ejected with a big smile on my face...see you outside!

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    So good to hear Jeff.

    It is always so good to hear Cured. That does beat NED.  Oh, the terms we learned that we never knew before. Enjoy every like I know you do.