Strange New Allergies?

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I went and had my bloodwork done today because my results appointment from ny CT scan is on Tuesday. I made a comment about not having a rash today and the nurse asked me what I was allergic to. I said I had no idea, I just get odd allergic reactions from time to time that seem to last a few weeks and then go away. She said they hear that a lot from people who've had chemo. Any experiences like this or thoughts on this?

I haven't had chemo now in two years. Could it still be affecting things? There is nothing that's changed in my environment from food to soaps to anything else that can account for the hives I break out in. I get them every couple of days to varying degrees. Sometimes it's almost everywhere and others it just is in certain areas. One common area is the crook of my arms so that's why I mentioned the rash and not having it today for the blood test.

This is the second time I've had an unexplained allergic reaction. The last one went away after a few weeks. I assume this one will also.

And now I'm doing the chemo brain thing and wondering if I brought this up on here before...