R there any survivors stage IV-B edometriod adenocarcinoma grade 3 out there?



Please help...looking for resent survivor stores... need some inspiration.



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    Hi Caryn Beth,

    I'm so glad you have posted.  The ladies here are so caring and smart and have all been through a lot.  I think you will find some support and encouragement.

    While I am not stage 4 -I am stage 3a grade 3 endometrial adenocarcinoma, endometroid w squamous differentiation.  I was dx April 2016, had divinci assisted radical hysterectomy.  What was to take 3 hours took 5 1/2.  The tumor was mostly contained and they bagged it, cut it and took it out.  They found however a small area in the peritoneal cavity which they took out.  It had not spread to any other areas including the 10 nodes they took.   Because of the area outside they decided I needed chemo which I started in June, 2016- carbo/taxol.  I finished Sept. 21, 2016.  I have had 2 follow up appointments since then with NED- no evidence of disease.  They consist of exam only as my Dr. does not believe in extra scans etc. unless there are troubling symptoms.

    In addition to my gyn/onc I chose to be supported by a natuorpathic Dr. and acupuncturist during my chemo treatments.  They had/have me on supplements, and eating schedule before and after chemo, IV therapy, acupuncture before and 1 day after chemo etc.  I stopped 48 hrs before and resumed 48 hrs. after chemo.  I didn't have bad nausea, or neuropathy- I did have some and it seems to be mostly in my right foot by my toes which I hope will go away.  I am controlling it mostly with acupuncture and hypericum 6c that I disolve under my tongue.  I did loose my hair right before 2nd treatment- got a port in which I intend to keep for a while- felt bone pain- smelled smoke which did kind of make me sick but I didn't throw up- extreme fatigue that got progressively worse, my neutrophils dropped and I had to take neulasta after each of my last 4 treatments etc. etc.  I did not do radiation.

    I have changed my entire days and eating habits.  I eat totally organic, non pre-pkg food, vegan, drink filtered water, exercise 7 days a week, try and sleep well, track it all with the fitbit I just got for Christmas.  I meditate using a Muse Brain Sensing Headband each morning and multiple times per day as needed.  I jump on a rebounder for lymph flow and use hand weights.  I am also using an inversion table to help with lymph flow.  I am still getting acupuncture 1x a week and IV therapy 2x a week- Vit. c + extras and Artesunate.  I am hoping that changing my internal terrain will help my body fight off anything further. 

    I have been told that endometroid is the best of the bunch- that normally it does not metastasize outside that area.

    I hope this was somewhat helpful to you.  We are here if you have more questions or need support- I don't know what I'd do without these sisters.  I think you have lots of reason to be very hopeful and encouraged.  LIVE TODAY- this is the only day we've been promised- it's the day we have right?! (((HUGS)))

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    My miraculous remission

    Caryn Beth,

    You can read my entire story - just search "NED from Stage IV metastatic endometrial cancer". I posted it back

    on January 10, 2016. I was diagnosed at Stage 3B, Grade 3 endometrioid adenocarcinoma, In two months I was Stage 4,
    cancer everywhere.

    In seven months, I was in complete remission.

    I remain in complete remission today.

    Advanced and metastatic cancer does not have to be a death sentence.

    I highly recommend a book entitled "Cancer is not a Disease, it's a Survival Mechanism"
    by Andreas Moritz. I think he may have fiqured out what cancer is.



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    survivor story

    diagnosed september 2010-uterine serous carcinoma stage 4B- in remission 6 years.

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    My mom was diagnosed with uterine serous carcinoma since 8/2017

    She had surgery, underwent chemo, however, not successful, drop out half way.  now looking into palliative care.

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    Survivor stage 3 grade 2 Adenocarcinoma


    Diagnosed in June 2016 did 6 rounds of chemo 25 external radiation and 3 brachytherapy ( internal radiation) completed by Dec 2016! I was blessed enough that I experienced no side effects- except for mild neuropathy on my feet- which I know is part of my new norm. A positive attitude is half the battle- scary? Yes it is! They found cancer cells is my lymph nodes it was like 1 in 16 on one side and and 1 in five on the other side of my pelvic area, my oncologist is ready to remove my port!!! Hang in there! Hugs and prayers going your way!