Bone Pain

Checking in again! Good day CSN members. 

I'll be having my 1 year anniversary PET 3 days from now. A little bit nervous as I've been having random bone pains. But I try to keep my mind off it. 

Anyone else having same experience with bone pains? It comes and go. 

I guess I'll know the news in 3 days and will keep you'all posted.


  • phrannie51
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    ...and they have been random for going on 5 years.  I get them in my shins....they'll ache....but like you, they come and go, so I don't worry about it any longer.  I think this type of bone pain may be left overs from chemo....but I haven't ever been able to distinguish between side effects from treatment....and the natural aging process :).  I mean somethings just have to be age related, don't they?


  • Kenny-
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    Thanks phrannie. Got my 1 year anniversary NED! It was an anxious time sitting on the scanner, glad to hera the news today. 

    I still can't figure out what's with these pains I'm having all over. i'll be speaking to my GP to see if he has any suggestions.