Hey everyone. About to start iriinocetan treatments in two weeks. Just wondering what everyone experienced with the side effects. Do the anti nausea and diarrhea meds help and can I drive my self from the treatments. 


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    Travis - Are you just having irinotecan - I am having folfiri - irinotecan with luecovorin, 5Fu push and bottle 2 days afterwards + avastin first.  Before I get my treatment, I take 3 steroid pills and ondansetron for nausea, then take one of each before bed.  I do not sleep most of first night - they say it is the steroids.  While I have the irinotecan, I have 2 shots (45 min apart) of atropine, as irinotecan can cause some bad cramping.  I find that something (think it is the steroids or combination of everything) makes my vision "off" - like your eyes have been dilated, can't see well, read, and my eyes are really sore - so personally I know that I would not like to drive.  Also, there are numerous side effects of the chemo cocktail - some experience diarrhea, others constipation. I have a 2 1/2 hr drive home, and had bad cramping once, even with the atropine.  Will you have the chemo bottle attached for 2 days afterwards - or just irinotecan at the clinic.  The 5Fu bottle is attached to your port and has a long tube that you have to take care it does not pull or get stuck on handles, etc. so best to cover with a t-shirt, etc. I have had 8 fulfiri treatments (every 2 wks) so far, and am doing okay - good and bad days - side effects with constipation and diarrhea, nose bleeds, appetite, sore mouth, nausea, heartburn (take Pantolac).  Feel best 4-5 days before start next chemo. And yes the nausea and diarrhea pills help.  They will give you Rx for them. Have them at home if need.  Best of luck to you.  

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    Bellen, Im gonna be taking

    Bellen, Im gonna be taking Xeloda pills daily also. I've had the 5fu and other treatments when I had my primary tumor 3 yrs ago. I handled them well and my dr said these treatments would be easier on me. I just had a liver rection for a solitary met . Im just kinda worried about the unknown though. Thanks for the info and advice. Good luck to you as well