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 Like most I have gone through a lot of changes since my treatment ended August 2016. However, now that I'm about four months out I am starting to notice odid "feelings" in the area of my surgery and radiation. I see an ENT  monthly, he actually performed the surgery. Thus far between physical exams and a scope as recent as today, nothing new to feel or see. No new imaging until May time frame. However, as the healing process continues, odd pains and feelings in the area of the surgery and the primary area of radiation seem to continue to pop up. I guess I'm just looking for  some kind of confirmation that this is a normal part of the healing process. Thanks in advance for any experiences you're willing to share. 

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    and like you, I get worried about them sometimes....I get an ache here, and a cramp there....LOTS of tingling....the tightness bothers me sometimes, too.  I had 35 rads in 2012, then a neck dissection an another 25 rads a year ago....My guess is that most of these sensations come from radiation, and the damage done to the underlying tissues.