3/2/17 will be 5 year NED for my mom-however....

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For thos ewho do not know me, welcome. I am sorry you have to be here.

For some of you that have been on this forum when my mom was in treatment you may remember me. My mom had a long almost 2 years fight with 2 recurrances. Anyway yes, on 3/2/17 ( which is also her birthday) it will be 5 years since her last treatment. This day can't come fast enough and I am really exited about it and then comes the however. Mom has been feeling a pain in her neck where the original cancer was for approx. 3 days now. I already made an appointment with her ENT and she is going to see him tomorrow. I am not able to stop the negative thoughts that this beast may be back. I am even afraid to write those words. She sometimes does have pain that comes and goes however she insists that this pain is different. I am scared and anxious. Any thoughts?


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    taking the high road


    Yes, I think you should be prepare for the 5 year NED and more importantly getting use to the CURED mind set.  That’s my thoughts.

    I think any of us who has endured this change of life would hope for a good feeling payoff at 5 years. 

    I hope all turns out well for you and your Mom.


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    Hi Matt

    Hi  Matt,

    It's nice some of you still remember me. You are always so positive which helps a lot. Thank you!

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    Hi Joannaw....I remember you!!

    and I remember your mom's battles, too.  I'm hoping and praying that your mom isn't really feeling what she thinks she feels!  Getting this close to the 5 year mark, could be pushing her to pay more attention to that spot, and therefore "feeling" things that she was (up till now) not giving any attention to.  I tend to do that.  Three days isn't very long....I give every thing a week...sometimes 2 weeks, since I'm older and things don't heal so fast, before I get into a panic.

    Welcome back....!!!


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    thank you guys

    Mom saw her ENT, he didn't feel or see antyhing via the camera. Said to wait 1-2 weeks and if the pain doesnt go away he will give a refferal for the cat scan. Let's hope for the best!

    I am here at least once a week reading everyones posts, I just dont write too much. All of you will always be in my thoughts forever. This forum has helped me get though the hardest times. Even though mom is approcahing the 5 year mark sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. I dont like to go back remembering those days. It was hard however thanks to God all is wel!

    Wishing you all the best! I will stop by from time to time!

    Thank you all!

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    hoping for the best

    5 years makes it officially cured. Congrats! Good news about the ENT visist too. Hope it's just a scare.  

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    5 years NED


    Hi Joannaw


    That is some really great news to hear, it sounds even better when it is 10 year or even 15. Here is wishing the




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    The pain is gone... thankfully !!!! waiting for march to come!

    Hello Hondo,

    Thanks fo ryour comment. How are you doing with your phenoumia?