Cold all the time?

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This has been an issue for me for quite some time. I'm cold almost all the time. But I can't take any real heat, either. I don't know if it started after my cancer treatments because I was still in the mop up chemo when winter came and then was in the hospital for the blood clot the rest of the winter. While on the mop up chemo I was very careful about not getting cold because of the neuropathy so I have no way of knwoing if this started after the cancer treatments or after the hospital stay for the blood clot.

Anyway, it's like my internal thermostat is messed up. I'm cold if a room is just cool. And when it's cold outside- we live in Canada- I can't seem to get warm at all. I sit at work with a heater on and I have to prestart my car so it warms up and then use the seat heaters for the drive home or I'm still cold at bedtime. I have an elctric blanket that I use on the bed, too.

On the other hand, in the summer I can't stand it hot. The sun really gets to me and I don't last very long at all. But the cold is the worst. Today I was talking to the parent of a young woman who moved to Vancouver because after her treatments for Hodgkins or non-Hodgkins lymphoma- which she beat as a child- she couldn't take the cold in Alberta anymore.

Has anyone else had this issue? We've had some failry mild winters the last couple of years but we just got out of a severe cold snap and it was miserable. We're having a chinook right now so it's quite warm. Which Leonardo DiCapprio mistook for global warming when he was filming here a couple of years ago.




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    Hot Water Bottle

    It is bitter cold here, and even though I am doing the whole 'hot flash' thing, I get terribly cold, even with the heat up to 78˚ F.  The only thing that saves my bacon, is my hot water bottle. I put it on my feet and that does the trick. If you can get your feet warm, then the rest of the body seems to follow. 

    I think the chemo messes with so many things in our bodies. I am quite sure it has changed my abitlity to tolerate heat and cold; which is bad, as I live in a climate with produces extremes in both. 

    Try a hot water bottle. 


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    I use a heating pad but

    I use a heating pad but mostly because I have sciatica, I have the heated blanket, sometimes I sit right by the fireplace. But being outside it's impossible to stay comfortable and it takes so long to warm up after that it's ridiculous. I'm just curious if this is common.


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    I could do with a little less heat

      We are having constant heatwaves in Australia. Temps in some areas in the east coast states were well over the 40c mark for a lot of last week. It has been in the mid 30cs where I live and on Sunday it was only 32c but the humidity was 80% with no rain. I can't even put a sheet over my legs as they burn so much from the neuropathy. It is becoming a real problem , on Friday night I stood on one of my shoes and went down like a tree. I hit my back on the arm of the lounge chair on the way down. I spent ten minutes on the floor doing an inventory making sure everything was still working. There were no sharp pains anywhere but I have jarred my lower back and shoulders. I took today off work because I wasn't moving too well. I have found that for me it is far easier to get warm when I am cold than cool when I am hot. We may have to work out a seasonal transfer.  Ron. 

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    Thyroid issues??

    Low thyroid can also cause you to feel cold all the time.  I t may or may not be the after effects of cancer.    I've had thyroid issues for many years prior to cancer and my feed and hands were cold.  It's gotten worse since all the chemo, even though it's been almost 3 years since my last infusion.  Stay warm, Traci

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    I run hot mostly, I sleep

    I run hot mostly, I sleep with a corner of the sheet over me, nothing over either end. I can't work with sleeves on, no matter how cold it is. I''ve always been this way, chemo was only a temporary change. My only real issue is liking my memory foam topper on the bed, but getting way too hot on the down side. I even bought one with holes, but that hasn't helped. So if anyone has a suggestion about anything that's both soft and cool to sleep on, I'm all ears/eyes................................Dave