Worried I may have cervical or uterine cancer

I went into my doctor  after months of pelvic pain and my periods being so messed up my bleeding is out of control some months I bleed for 13 days very heavy and then the next month I don't have a period or I'm just bleeding all the time. And the pain is unbearable and it's in the middle not on the sides on my abdomen. I had an ultrasound  today and haven't got the results yet. I have also lost a lot of weight recently for no reason at all. I'm scared my aunt is fighting for her life her second round draft of cancer. My other aunt lost her battle in 07 and my grandfather lost his battle in 08.



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    Any advice please would be

    Any advice please would be great.

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    Lcarver, I am so sorry for

    Lcarver, I am so sorry for the loss of the loved ones in your life.  No one here is a doctor, so it would be wrong for anyone to try and diagnose you.  Going to the doctor and getting yourself checked out is the best thing to do.  Keep looking for what is causing you problems.  

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    There are many non-cancer possibilities

    Endometriosis is a possibility.  Wait for your test results, and assume not cancer.