How many treatment?

I am worried about how much chemotherapy treatment can receive for endometrial cancer?

I know that we can user cisplatine,  doxo, endoxan, taxol and carboplatine. 

But after.... ????

When cancer is metastasized, we can not receive these treatments all the time?

There is no alternative?


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    Dear Sandrine, there is a

    Dear Sandrine, there is a limit of chemo a body can take.  There are some here getting the immunotherapy treatments of one kind or another, and that is the latest development that has been spinning off of clinical trials.  We can continue to pray they find something new soon.  

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    My chemo

    I received six treatments of taxol and carboplatin together every three weeks.I was in the infusion recliner for average of 7 hours. Had a lot of problems with my port. In March, I will start daily radiation for five and a half weeks ...all external. I am 67 and went thru menopause without June of 2016, I had a few drops of blood and had a sonogram that showed the uterine wall was over 22 (less than 5 is acceptable) that D and C led to finding a cancerous tumor wrapped in a polyp in the uterus and a hysterectomy and then MDAnderson found a wee cancer cell in the Fallopian tube which staged me a III and necessitated chemo. Radiation will be in the pelvic area but because the pelvic washing was negative no internal radiation is necessary. Although I could not work during chemo due to pain and fatigue, I am going to try to with radiation. I am an ATF investigator who does firearms and explosives (boom and bang). The oncologist didn't want me handling explosives during chemo treatments and as my immune system became compromised she didn't want me going into the field for the guns because some of the places I go to are really nasty. I will try to work from home during radiation as much as I can.....but we'll see.

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    Kamushka what a life

    Wow- you have an exciting job ;)  Sending you wishes that the rest of your treament goes well for you.   Sure am sorry you have to go through all this!  Keep us posted on how things are coming along.  (((HUGS)))