how long to recovery

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This topic is one of considerable interest to many of us.  I know, I know, "it depends".

My experience: I am now seven days after my last rad treatment and am beginning to believe this might have an end.  I got down +500 calories, walked easily, saw the last of my radiation burn skin drop off, and mucusities is now tolerable.   I still have epic drymouth, and some trouble swallowing.  Nothing has any taste, but at least Ensure is making it down.  Total weight loss will be around 35 pounds.  started at 220, down to 185.  I ended up doing a week in hospital due to some lung embolisms during week four, and that really messed with things.

I am told that the two weeks after the end of treatments are usually the worst, that has not been my experience.  The first 7 days of my two weeks has been definite day by day recovery.

Your mileage may vary.


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    Some, as you are very fortunate to start their “new normal” almost immediately. Recovery does generally start the moment the rads and chemo are stopped with healing from neck burn and mucus being the first to your memory.  Anything to do with dry mouth and swallowing can be much longer, but their ability to disrupt life becomes more than manageable. I can now ask for a drink of water from anyone anytime.

    I hope you continue your path with great success and fond memories of the experience (just kidding).


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    My husband recovered quickly

    My husband recovered quickly too. It was a pleasant surprise. I am glad that it seems to be happening for you too. Take it day by day and congrats!

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    mileage does vary

    My personal recovery was pretty fast. taste came back pretty good in about 30-45 days (thanks to acupunture I believe), never did have mouth sores or thrush(L-glutamine) and was working full time in about 3 weeks after treatment. Dry mouth, I still have some when I do tasks where my breathing picks up significantly ("stoppers 4 dry mouth" spray on Amazon works great) but I rarely need any water for eating or dryness. My treatment ended on 3/7/16. Good luck and stay strong.