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I wrote recently about my wait for an ENT visit. 2 yrs ago I saw an ENT who first treated me with antibiotics, to no avail. They diagnosed me with turbinate dysfunction and placed me on Flonase. The flonase seemed to do the trick as far as warding off my sinus headaches. Fast forward two yrs and I am back in the saddle again. Only this time I have a sore in my left nasal area, some pain there. Intermttent headaches, some spotty bleeding, small amounts of blood in sputum. Neck glands feel sore to the touch, but no swelling. I also have hoarseness. I realize there is not much I can do until the visit however I was wondering if anyone who has been diagnosed with nasal cancer had pain, or soreness in there nose? I am taking myself off Flonase at this point. I have to be sure it isn't the Flonase causing some of the trouble and if that's the case I want to know before ENT visit. I am going to insist on a CT scan with contrast! The one they did 2 yrs ago was without contrast! Although at that time it came back negative. I am not going to take any chances however. So my questions are, can a patient request a CT scan with contrast and will doc have to comply with wishes? Also, did anyone have pain in nasal area or soreness? I remember coming to this forum 2 yrs ago, not having a diagnosis yet and the people were wonderful even though I was unsure of my diagnosis at that point. I am no stranger to the waiting game. Have played that twice in my life thus far. Once with tumors (benign) on liver and again with my nasal problems. Thank you for any comments and God bless!


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    2 years?


    Are you seeing the same ENT?  If not, I hope you find one familiar with H&N problems.  Most are, but you have been in a 2 year funk.

    A CT scan is good as is a PET scan, after all you want to see all areas of activity, use to be from the thighs to your eyes (or something like that).

    My cancer was at the base of tongue and 1 lymph node, no pain, just a lump.  A lump which changed my life course, but it is nice now.

    Good luck,


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    Different ENT

    Yes, CivilMatt, I am seeing a different ENT. I am being sent to the same place as it is associated with my Doc's practice but it is a different ENT. All my Doc said was "She" is very nice! When they scoped me 2 yrs ago, the ENT didn't see any tumors but said my turbinate on left side was swollen. He also said my throat was very red. Continued to have an issue with my throat to this day. Burning in my throat. My Doc recently put me on Protonix for acid reflus and it has helped quite a bit but I still get some heartburn. Decreased however. I am actually relieved that it's a different ENT. I am anxious and admittedly scared to find out what's going on and what I am facing. I ask about a PET scan as well. I appreciate your input and and wish you continued good health! Thank you very much:)

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    Waiting for ENT visit cont.

    I apologize for the typo's:p Very long day @ the school! Exhausted, lol;)