I just had another CT scan last Wednesday. The results are mixed. The lung mets are responding and shrinking but the bone mets have increased in size a little. They also found a fracture in my pelvis due to the mets. So this week I start Keytruda. My oncologist is very positive about the immunotherapy route. Kind of relieved that I am finished with the triple threat (carboplatin, taxotere,and erbitu) Feeling like crap for weeks just sucks but I am pushing forward with a positive outloo! Hope all is well!


  • MemphisTn
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    awesome to read that you are making progress. Be praying that you see some improvements in the bone next scan.

    much love!

    - pc


  • corleone
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    Regarding the bone mets: during immunotherapy there are areas that appear increased in volume, they sometime look like progression, when in fact it’s so called pseudo progression, caused by enhanced immune response in that area. This need to be confirmed at a subsequent tumor assessment (~6 weeks later). Just to be aware of that.