Dietary question regarding prostate problems


I have been researching and reading everything regarding prostate problems while I am waiting for a second PSA test. Does anyone here find it to be truthful about the red meat and dairy consumption contributing to an increase to potentially developing prostate cancer? The reason I ask is that my diet primarily consists of these. We have a cow butchered every year for our meat. No antibotics or steroids however. Grass feed only. But I do drink high amounts of milk. Now when I say high amounts I mean high amounts because if my wife allows me I will drink a gallon a day. However, on average I do drink 3-4 gallons a week not counting the cheeses etc... This has me wondering! Any thoughts?


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    Nutrition and Prostate Cancer

    The belief that cancer is linked to meat and dairy arises from The China Study back in 2005 which purportedly links the consumption of meat and diary to higer incidence of cancer in China and recommends a strictly vegan diet.   Since then, the conclusions of the study have been criticized for lack of proper methodology as well as bias, enough so that the conclusions of the study now seem highly suspect. 

    See, for example: 




    The best information that I ever received about the relationship between diet and PCa was a booklet prepared at UCSF in Dec 2009, just before I was diagnosed w/prostate cancer in Jan 2010, which summarized the results of research bearing on the relationship between certain foods and cancer.

    Here's a link to the publication:

    I actually had a consultation w/the author before I was treated.  However, frankly I changed very little in the way I ate after this meeting.  I did however reduce the amount of calcium supplements that I was taking at the time, which were reported to be associated w/increased cancer risk (in line w/The China Study), but doing this after having already been diagnosed w/PCa it was a bit like closing the barn gate after the horses have already gone.

    Bascially, the recommendation is to eat a heart healthy diet - high in fruits/veggies/fiber and low in fat and processed grains/sugars/flour.  Drink lots of water and exercise.  Not much of a secret there and that's basically what I have tried to do for some time.  However, I am currently on a high protein diet (whey, soy and meat) for body building purposes and my PSA has continued to drop following treatment despite of this.

    FWIW, IMO, if you already have cancer, there's really not much you can do change your diet that will be of any significant benefit pre or post treatment and I wouldn't worry about it.  If you don't already have cancer, you can change your diet if it gives you peace of mind but I still don't think there's any proof that any change you make in your diet will significantly inccrease or decrease your risk of cancer ON AN INDIVIDUAL basis.  

    Just do what you think is in your best interest, given the data, and eat the foods you enjoy the most with that in mind.



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    The China Study as well as direct studies looking at surgical procedures and recurrence  have indicated the corelation between diet and prostate cancer recurrence. It very well be too late, for those with us with prostate cancer as SSW mentioned, however, I eat a veggie based diet; no meat or dairy, since I believe that  this  diet, more important than prostate cancer healthy is heart healthy; heart disease is epidemic in the USA and worldwide. The diet is also appropriate to curtail other disease such as diabetes, etc. I wish to avoid as much as I can the chances of developing these diseases.

    There is a video tht is available on NetFlicks or at the library or for sale that I suggest that you view (gives a summary of The China Study and other literature) FORKSoverKNIVES.