Sweating when I eat


Who else has this issue? After my second neck dissection, i sweat profusely from my head when I eat. Food doesn't have to be hot, either. Is there an end in sight for this?


  • MarineE5
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    Yes and Yes


    For some reason, I had the same issue and didn't understand why. It did pass but I don't remember how long it took as I finished treatment 12 yrs ago. I'm pretty sure it was less than a year.

    My Best to You and Everyone Here

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    Frey's syndrome perhaps

    Hi Steve, It sounds like what I was told might happen to me. Not sure how involved your salivary glands were but when they are not working properly and you chew your glands may get confused and your sweat glands are activated on your face. Not sure if that's the case with you but just some information I wanted to share.

  • josh r.
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    sweat due to food

    Hi Steve,

    This may sound strange from someone who finished treatment for scc stage iv in November of 1991 but one thing that sticks out from the ending of treatments is how I would breakout in sweats from just the smell of mustard! It didn't have to be any "reved" up stuff that is on the market today it was just old French's mustard. An open jar even ten feet away would make me breakout in a sweat without even tasting it. This, as many other smell and taste difficulties disappeared as time went by. All the best, josh r.

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    Sweating when eating

    Hi Steve,

    Sounds like Frey's Syndrome or gustatory sweating. Can occur after neck dissection. Good news is that if it does not abate on its own Botox injections can help In the same manner they are administered for excessive sweating of palms or underarms. I am humbled by your journey and strength. Don't let this get you down. It will go away or be treatable. 

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    head sweating.

    Before cancer there was nothing too hot spicy for me. After cancer, I could not eat anything with any amount of heat without my head sweating. Over the next couple years, my tolerance for hot spice improved and less sweating. Now at 3 years post, I'm all good.

    I know you sweat without any spicy food but the point is, for some, it does change over time.