Off to Sloan Kettering

I have an appt on Jan 24 at Sloan Kettering in NYC to get a second opinion on whether I can have surgery to remove the one inch tumor in my liver and to find out if I am able to get HAI pump treatment.  From what I've read, the HAI pump treatment is most effective before you have received any chemo  I have had more rounds of chemo than I can count, so I'm hoping they will treat me.  If not, I am scheduled for radiation with beads later this month, which I know is not as effective in killing this tumor.  If anyone has been to Sloan Kettering for surgery and/or HAI therapy please let me know of anything I should be aware of.  Thanks!!


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    Good luck!

    I hope you find what you're looking for at Sloan and can get the treatment that you need.  Look forward to hearing how it all goes. 


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    I go to Sloan Kettering

    Didn't have the HAI pump (don't have liver involvement), however, there are people here that have gone through that at MSK.  My surgeon there is Philip Paty. They are tops. I believe Dr. Kemeny is the HAI expert.

    I was dx'd with Stage 4 appendix cancer almost 10 years ago.  Sloan Kettering has the expertise to deal with all the rare aspects of cancer.

    You're in good hands.

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    I had chemo/rad and surgery

    I had chemo/rad and surgery at Sloan but not HAI.  I had good and bad experiences there, have someone sit in/listen in and take notes on your calls and also be very vocal to get what you need.

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    I loved my experience at Sloan and my doctor too was Phillip Paty.  I had two other hospitals to compare to Sloan and in my experience, they just don't compare.  My doctor, radiologists, pain management, nutritionists, nurses, the whole crew, all great.  I went on and on so much about the staff my wife said I had a thing for one of the night nurses, but I was totally blotto, I probably thought she/he was my wife.  

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    MSKCC and HAI Pump

    I've been a patient of Dr. Kemeny's for close to 13 years. Her patient's survival rate* are quite remarkable, a 61% 10-year survival rate. My liver was inoperable when I first saw her. I did 6 months of FOLFOX and 5 months of Avastin (it became available 1 month after I started treatment). I believe things are looked at case-by-case. Sometimes the HAI pump is needed to help shrink liver tumors pre-chemo, other times chemo is needed first to make one operable or for other reasons.
    The only thing to be aware of is that it's friggin' COLD in NYC in the winter but the streets smell better!
    Best of luck!

    * results do vary