Coping everyday


I was diagnosed early November had the surgery November 30th had a port put in for chemo December 23rd. Chemo should start jan,9th, but I don't have my insurance debuctible payment. I am blessed because I made it off the table, I try to keep a smile on my face for the most part but, sometimes it's hard. I know I'm not alone because I pray. He didn't get me this far too let down know,  I know eventually things will work out. Because I have faith and with that I have a reason to smile. 


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    It's not a walk in the park

    You are allowed to mourn the loss of your life as you know it, but rejoice in the new life ahead of you. 

    Those first few months and all it intails, after diagnosis, are very, very hard. Physically and emotionally. Roll with it. 

    Chemo is scary until the 2nd session, and then you know what to expect (for the most part) and you'll feel allot better about the future. The unknown is scary. 

    Positivity and faith (you seem to have both) go a long, long way on this journey.  I am happy you have found this forum, we can help you as you go through the treatments and the months and years of NED (no evidence of disease) afterwards.


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    Good for you for maintaining

    Good for you for maintaining your faith. It has certainly helped me along this journey. It's never wavered. Are you getting radiation as well? It sounds like you are well along the road most of us have to take. I wish you well.


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    Keeping a positive attitude

    Keeping a positive attitude and having faith in the future has really me get through this past year.  You may have days that you are not so positive, and may even feel depressed.  Just try to enjoy each day for what it is, even those days you have chemo and feel sick - find something to smile about.   

    God Bless you and hope you have successful treatments!