Longtime Lung Metastases starting growing

Net-Net:  I am interested in hearing others' experience in treating lung metastases that are actively growing.

Background:  53 yo male

2003 (age 40) Diagnozed Thyca from visible growth in neck, TT an RAI (total Thyroidectomy and Radioactive Iodine treatment)

2010: Neck dissection for lymphectomy and RAI treatment; innumerable, very small lung nodes identified in CT scan

2013: Neck dissection for additional lymphectomy, lung nodules still small unchanged

2014: Neck dissection for additional lymphectomy, lung nodules still small but noticably larger

2016: lung nodules grown 20% in 6 months, now 4-5 nodules bigger than 1 cm;  still no symptoms of lung nodes

I am now beginning to be very intentional about what I do in the next 3-4 years (i.e. bucket list stuff)

"Watchful waiting" continues, but we have increased frequency to every 3 months.  Having regular Radiologist, Oncologist, etc discussions


Hopefully me sharing my timeline and experience is helpful or encouraging for others with lots of small lung nodules... I went 6 full years with very little growth at all before those pesky little nodules started to grow measurably.  My advise to allof you with lung mets and no symptoms yet... don't let worrying about that consume your energy! Live intentionally! Get scans regularly - every 6 months at least, if for no other reason thatn to know you can "relax and enjoy" for 6 more months... and treat every 3 or 6 months you get with symptoms as a gift!