How to deal with Rectal seepage 18 years after completion of Chemo-Radiation-Surgery

Developed rectal seepage - Most of the time it is slight - However it becomes painful chapping - Need tricks on how to handle it - Neither my Gastro Doc or Surgery Doc know how to handle it - Told it is caused by scar tissue from radiation and that this develops at 15 to 20 years post treatment - I am 18 years since finishing treatments - Need some tricks


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    Butterfly Liners?

    I haven't used these, but have heard about them.  (From your post - sounds like I will need them years down the road, though).

    They are made for just this reason and are for men and women.

    Google "Butterfly Liners" and you will find info.

    Good Luck!

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    Witch Hazel

    After radiation (which was pure HELL) I had terrible sores on my bottom for months. They would weep so bad, and were so painful.   I tried everything, and didn't want to tell the Doctor's because I was sick of showing my bum off to everyone by that point. I eventually broke down and went to my GP. He suggested Witch Hazel. I purchased some (organic) Witch Hazel moistened pads and my sores cleared up in days. 

    Now, your chaps might be different, but I would say it is worth a try.  I also went commando, let the air get to it, but that was easier for me because I'm a woman and I wore skirts. Oh, that won't work if you have seepage, so scratch that last bit. 

    I also tried the Butterfly pads, but could not get on with them. 

    Good luck, and also - Welcome to the forum -


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    Tom, congratulations on the

    Tom, congratulations on the 18 years! Good for you!

    As far as the seepage, I have it, too, and I'm only coming up to three years since my ostomy. My surgeon says my colon is irritated because it doesn't like not being used. I was bleeding rectally the last time I went to see him and had my scope and he wasn't worried at all so I'm glad it's not a sign of something. That being said, I use panty liners to prevent anything going through to the outside of my pants. And when it gets so bad that I get chapped I use good old baby powder and powder my butt. I've also heard of someone using diaper rash cream for relief if it's burning. 

    Good luck! 


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    I think I had an adult diaper cream called Balmex. It was mega sticky just like babies Desitin. I would only put it on if I were wearing Depend. It was a good barrier cream.


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    A great cream for bun burn is called RADIAGEL. Available at Wallmart. Give it a try!

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    Aquaphor did the trick for my hubby...

    I hope you find the one that works for you.