ist update in months

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All of my ENT and Oncology during the year have been NED, so one year cancer free and feeling better + eating better every day.  Still have only gained back about 15 pounds from lowest weight.  Just don't eat anywhere near as much as I used to.  No problems eating as long as I wash it down well enough.  Still minimal saliva output.  Pretty much all tastes have returned but some things do irritate my throat that didn't before.  Also still have stomach issues I never used to have before placement and removal of feeding tube.  Pre neck cancer I did have a lot of issues with constipation which I no longer have, I think because my liquid intake is more than what it was precancer.  I owe my recovery and optimism to this forum and I thank and love you dearly.  Hopefully the beast is in retreat for good, but I remain vigilant.


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    1 year NED is a good thing.

    Hopefully everything else will continue to improve (I still see improvements a 4.5+ years).


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    Congratulations!  Happy to hear the good news!!


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    Great News!

    Congratulations on Mr.  NED!!!