Metallic taste

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Hey everyone. I tried to search this question but could not find it.

I have two more chemo sessions left and about half way done with radiation. I am doing great as I still work out and take nice hikes. My biggest side effects are metallic taste and semi-dry mouth.

I do have a feeding tube but do not use it as I am able to eat fine. BUT - everything tastes like crap. I just do not want to eat and have no appetite. I know it varies between people, but how long after treatment did you start to get normal taste back in mouth?



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    Metallic Taste

    This is normally caused by the chemo.  You can try using plastic utensils as this sometimes helps when eating not to have the metallic taste.

    Some take weeks some months to get taste back to a "normal" level where things taste similar to what they should.  It does get better with time.

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    it varies


    Metallic taste is common to the H&N forum as is cardboard and crap.

    While it took me 7 months to get back to full new normal I had some good luck right out of the bag.  I tried many of the suggestions from the veterans on here, but came to realize it is whatever tastes good to me.  So, I tried lots of stuff and often.

    Try to take it in your stride and be happy and satisfied with the present, but don’t give up on the future, your new normal will most likely be pretty darn good.


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    Perfectly normal

    I had Cisplatin and had it. Taste starting coming back a few months post TX. Salt first. Sweets later. Improved every month after that but not in a linear fashion. After 4 1/2 years food tastes completely normal. Plenty of saliva again but throat will always be somewhat dry.

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    Thanks everyone. I finished

    Thanks everyone. I finished up chemo last week and have 2 more weeks of radiation left. Looking fior the day where I can put this behind me.