IUD and pelvic radiation-helpful hint

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If you are just getting started with pelvic radiation treatment and have an IUD I would suggest getting it removed. I was told to just leave mine alone and it has scarred in and can't be found by my gyn. She says it's no big deal but I don't like the idea that it's there and can't be removed. 


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    Great gravy!

    Is there copper in your IUD? How did that react to radiation? Also, in my personal opinion, the strong potential for vaginal scarring from the radiation should have alerted the gynecologist to take the IUD out before-hand.

    There are gynecological oncologists who know what radiation does to a vagina and cervix. If available to you, perhaps you could consider seeing one for a second opinion on whether or not you need further treatment for the radiation damage. I see one now as my regular gynecologist. He says I am healing slowly, but that it's obvious from a visual exam that I've been irradiated.

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    no copper, it's a Mirena with hormones. Good idea about the gyn oncologist. I'm going to KU med center in Kansas City tomorrow to see colorectal oncology surgeon, I want him to do my anoscopies from now on. My oncologist is in Topeka but I have not found anyone I'm comfortable with to do the scopes with. I know there's a gyn in their cancer center so I'll ask for referral. Great timing, thanks!