Can't breathe or talk

 I had thyroid cancer too and had a full thyroid  removal and it spread into my lymph nodes in my neck I also had all the lymph nodes in the front removed which they missed three or four Lisa but was told that was back in 2010 about a year ago I started having problems talking  it was like someone standing on my throat I would go to see the words but they would not come out and at the same time it felt like someone was choking me to death I would just gas for air and could not speak no one can tell me what this is there's nothing like being choked to death over and over  I found that glass of him clonazepam makes these subside I was on 4 mg for two years then the doctors decided I was a pill addict and started to treat me like one and  I will soon cut off the pill  that save me then I found a building another doctor called Hydrocuz one  which is a preop sedative they still you should not drive a car with all of this medication and I have no diagnosis for what this is if anyone has the same symptoms are of had the same symptoms please email the camper [email protected] I need to know if I'm the only one