Vomiting first week post treatments

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ok...Here we are in those days past treatement  (6 days to be exact) where we were told symptoms would become more intense for a couple weeks then things would start beginning to heal.  The tongue and throat are more sore, phlym is also thicker...., but the one thing we have dealt with the past two days is the phlym causing vomiting even moreso than before.  Den lost two feedings of four yesterday.  Then this morning he lost his first feeding.  Just starts coughing and the gag reflex kicks in and it's all over from there.  Did this happen to you also????  Also, I was able to get two cups of Pedialite in yesterday so he is not dehydrated.  We did the skin test. ;)


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    oh yeah

    It sounds just like my experience.  I'd wake up and feel like my throat was full of drying wallboard compound and the gagging was not pleasant.

    I found a way to keep from giving back my tube feeds, I'd start each morning by gargling warm salt water (be VERY careful not to aspirate anything) and that would loosen things up a bit.  I'd work hard to bring the crap up and out of my throat and spit it out.  Since spit was almost non existent, I couldn't actually 'spit' it out so I'd use and empty water bottle and scrape the wad of gunk off of my tongue.

    I'd take an Odansetron before I tried to eat anything, and after about a half an hour I'd do a very slow infusion of Jevity.  It worked, the first few mornings it was maybe 50/50 as to effect, but improved daily.  After that first very hard two weeks, it dropped to 1 out of 3, and by the end of that 1st month, maybe 1 out of 10 had issues.

    I will say that my biggest issue was if I didn't swallow correctly, it would slip down that 'wrong pipe' and I'd hack and cough and would have to fight not to vomit, but with constant effort, I made it through.

    One suggestion - keep hydrating, even if he has to use the tube for water.  Hydration will help thin the thick paste.

    My method may not work for him, but it may be a start  :-)

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    Is Den sleeping sitting up. This helped me a considerably. I did have to spit out the phlegm all nitgh but sitting up sleeping did help. It gets better over time. Rinsing with Diet Giner Ale helped a bit. See link: https://www.oncolink.org/frequently-asked-questions/cancers/head-and-neck/general-concerns/thick-mucus-after-radiation-therapy-for-head-neck-tumors

    Just an FYI. There is a support group that meets at Mercy in Creve Coeur and is starting back up after the holidays. I live in House Springs outside of Fenton and would be more than happy to answer any questions for you all. I am 19 months post treatment for Stage III BOT HPV+. 30 Rads 7 Fields up to 70gy. Message me if you would like to find out more information on the support group or if you have any questions.  Take care and prayers to you all......Tom