4 years NED- Dropping in to say hello

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i see we have a lot of newbies and glad to see all us old survivors still welcoming everyone and providing insight. Well after 4 years of the " new normal" I feel blessed. I can list a bunch of complaints but I am alive and living a great life. Let's list the good things:

1- I became a grand pa

2- I know who my true friends are

3- I have a wonderful family and a good job

4- because of the cancer diet, I have maintained a healthy weight and manage to stay fit.

5- I am a lot nicer to my family members, people at work and in general have a better attitude- I guess cancer opened my eyes.

if your in the beginning, midway or towards the end of treatment welcome to the club. You may be depressed during this holiday season, but tell yourself how you will be around to celebrate the holidays for years to come. Stay positive and be strong mentally - this forum got me through my darkest days. Just knowing there were individuals who have went through what I was going through and survived was an unbelievable comfort. 


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    Yeaaaa Roar!!

    NED for four years...WTG!  Cancer does have a way of doing an attitude adjustment on us, doesn't it!


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    This is a hard time of the year for many. Nice words of encouragent.


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    Congratulations Roar!!!!

    Congratulations Roar!!!!